ISO 27001 Professional EN

ISO 27001 Professional EN
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ISO 27001 Professional EN

Information security is the preservation of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information (ISO/IEC 27000 definition).

There are other important trends that are increasing the importance of the Information Security discipline:

  • Compliance requirements are increasing: Most countries have multiple laws or regulations governing the use and requiring protection of various types of data. These laws are increasing in number and their requirements are growing.
  • Many industries, particularly the financial world, have regulations in addition to those imposed by a government. These, too are growing in number and complexity.
  • Security standards are being developed and refined at industrial, national and international levels.
  • Security certifications and auditable proof that an organization is complying to security standards and/or best practices are sometimes being demanded as a condition of doing business.
  • Learning goals

    The module Information Security Management Professional based on ISO/IEC 27001 (ISMP.EN) tests understanding of the organizational and managerial aspects of information security. The subjects of this module are:

  • Information security perspectives
  • The candidate understands the business interest of information security.
  • The candidate understands the customer perspective on information governance.
  • The candidate understands the supplier's responsibilities in security assurance.
  • Risk Management
  • The candidate understands the principles of risk management.
  • The candidate knows how to control risks.
  • The candidate knows how to deal with remaining risks.
  • Information security controls
  • The candidate has knowledge of organizational controls.
  • The candidate has knowledge of technical controls.
  • The candidate has knowledge of physical, employment-related and continuity controls.
  • Target group

    Security professionals. This module is intended for everyone who is involved in the implementation, evaluation and reporting of an information security program, such as an Information Security Manager (ISM), Information Security Officer (ISO) or a Line Manager, Process Manager or Project Manager with security responsibilities. Basic knowledge of Information Security is recommended, for instance through the EXIN Information Security Foundation based on ISO/IEC 27001


    • Art der Prüfung: Multiple-Choice-Fragen, computer- oder papierbasiert
    • Anzahl der Fragen: 30
    • Mindestpunktzahl: 65% (20 von 30)
    • Offenes Buch/Notizen: Nein
    • Elektronische Geräten zugelassen: Nein
    • Prüfungsdauer: 90 Minuten

    Es gelten die EXIN Examen Regeln und Vorschriften.

    Requirements for certification

    The Information Security Management Professional training course with an EXIN accredited training provider (ATP), including having successfully fulfilled the two (2) practical assignments as part of the course.

    Seminar type

    • Open Live Online Seminars
    • Individual Inhouse Seminars

    Anyone who fulfills the requirements can take part in open seminars.

    Our specially designed virtual seminars with live trainers are conducted through a training platform. This has several advantages: it is cost-saving, socially acceptable, environmentally friendly and very close to the practice. We combine PowerPoint with practice and tool examples, interaction and exercises. Our trainers are as present as in a seminar room and specially trained for this method of mediation.


    Information security measures are, for most employees, the first aspects of information security they face. Therefore, information security measures are central to the module and have the highest weight, followed by the threats and risks. However, in order to understand the importance of information security measures, the subject also needs some knowledge of the guidelines and organization of information security and of legislation and regulations in this area.


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